Marika-Purple v2

Marika Sila

Marika Sila is an ambassador for SaberMach. Marika is an Inuit actress from Yellowknife, NWT. She is best known for her work on the popular TV series ‘The Twilight Zone’ where she played the lead role as Sergeant Yuka Mongoyak, the first female Inuit police officer to attain the rank of Sergeant in the state of Alaska. Marika also specializes in stunts and special skills including, hoop dancing, fire spinning, sword, staff and Combat Saber handling. Marika is an ambassador for SaberMach and has used our sabers to perform and create viral videos for her social media accounts.

Her ability to spin and maneuver a saber is both breath-taking and addictive to watch.


Daniel Musashi A.K.A the "FloWarrior"

Daniel Musashi is an ambassador for SaberMach. Daniel A.K.A the "FloWarrior" is a world renowned innovator in a number of unique disciplines including Folding Fans, Rice Hats, combat sabers, and The Force Leash. His unique brand of 'martial artistry' is a potent blend of passion, precision, and musicality that employs a veritable arsenal of cutting edge flow arts weaponry. SaberMach has collaborated with Daniel on the Force Leash project over the years. He is also a content creator and ambassador for SaberMach. Daniel provides online classes on the art of saber flow. Learn from a master of momentum and martial artistry with over 15 years of experience as a professional performance artist and instructor.