Dark Storm Introduction Promo Video

View this fan made video of our dark storm. The saber land just can't get enough of this hilt design.

Unboxing the Dark Storm Master Series by RebelChump

Here's a quick unboxing and initial impression of our master series Dark Storm by RebelChump. 

Review by TheJianHaoTan

Fun Review done by Singapore Youtuber TheJianHaoTan who has over 1 million subscribers. 

Review by TSL (Ergotron)

TSL owner/founder Terry reviews a Sabermach Ergotron with a string led blade.

KOTAKNI Takes A Day Tour At The SaberMach HQ

Go behind the scenes with KOTAKNI at what goes into manufacturing a SaberMach at our main office/factory. 

SaberMach Laser Engraving DEMO video

Personalise and engrave your name onto your SaberMach.

SaberMach Master Series Instructional video

Learn how to operate your Master Series saber here.

SaberMach Expert Series Instructional video

Learn how to operate your Expert Series saber here.

SaberMach Adept Series Instructional Video

Learn how to operate your Adept Series saber here.