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Unique Features

Master Series (PlecterPixel™)

  • Power core

    Power core

    All of our PlecterPixel™ series does not have a high powered Cree LED. Instead the 144 pixels per metre string LEDs are embedded inside the blade itself. The Power Core uses a TCSS Neopixel Adapters with 7 pins.

  • Flash on clash

    Flash on clash

    These comes with the F.O.C. (flash-on-clash) effect installed for a flash of lights that's programmable to any of the 16 colors when your saber impacts on an object or your opponent’s saber. This option uses our NeoPixel blade which makes your saber bolder and brighter.

  • Duo Charging

    Duo Charging

    All SaberMach Master Series (PlecterPixel™) sabers come complete with 2 types of charging system. An in-hilt recharge port (cleverly installed inside the chassis) can be used for charging. The chassis also houses the battery which can be removed for external charging.

  • Sound


    This is the ultimate choice for the complete saber experience. No holds barred, this is the saber for the most discerning of masters, good or evil. Holding up to 6 different sets of sound fonts which includes the laser blast block effects and blade lock-up effects via it’s secondary auxiliary switch at the bottom. It also features the mute function. Comes with a one-of-a-kind machined delrin chassis encasing the soundcard, battery & 28mm or 23mm 2W speaker gives convenience and total security confidence.

  • Multi-color changing blade

    Multi-color changing blade

    Holding up to 16 blade colour profiles, you can choose a colour to suit any situation in one hilt. Allows you to change any of the 16 saber blade colors on the go.

  • NeoPixel Blade

    NeoPixel Blade

    Comes in standard blade lengths of 29”. These are SaberMach’s first neopixel Chroma blade with bullet tip which are trans-white with a 1.5mm wall thickness. A 10mm wide with 0.6mm thick stainless steel strip is sandwiched between 2 strips of 5050 APA 105 NeoPixels. This provide a heat sink for the strips and ensure that the strips are perfectly straight inside the diffusing foam and film.


Technical Specification

The following table shows the specification and options of Master Series (PlecterPixel™).

  • Red


  • Blood Orange

    Blood Orange

  • Amber


  • Yellow


  • Lime


  • Lime 2

    Lime 2

  • Green


  • Cyan


  • Light Blue

    Light Blue

  • Ice Blue

    Ice Blue

  • Royal Blue

    Royal Blue

  • Mauve


  • Purple


  • Pink


  • Crimson


  • White


Current Lead Time 11 to 14 weeks
  • 0.64 kg ~ 0.78 kg (1.41 pounds ~ 1.71 pounds)
  • *Saber with blade*
Saber Hilt Length 285mm (11.22 inches)
  • 2 Strips of 10mm PCB 5050 APA 105 RGB LED (144 pixels per metre)
  • Momentary AV illuminating white ring switch or Tactile Switch
  • 16 led Colour Profiles:
  • Red
  • Orange
  • Amber
  • Yellow
  • Lime
  • Lime2
  • Green
  • Cyan
  • Light blue
  • Ice blue
  • Royal Blue
  • Mauve
  • Purple
  • Pink
  • Crimson
  • White
  • Flash on Clash color
  • - Pre-programmed Random colours
Battery Power and Charging
  • 18650 3.7V li-ion 3120mAh 15A rechargeable battery
  • Duo Charging System:
  • - In hilt recharge port
  • - Removable Battery Charging
  • USB Charging Cable (included)
  • Single Cell Charging Station (Included)
  • Up to 35 to 45 mins of play time
Blade Characteristics
  • 813mm (32-inch) blade length
  • *Actual length of the blade*
  • Bullet blade tip
  • NeoPixel Chroma (Trans white)
  • Blade secured via retention set screw
  • 25.4mm (1inch) blade diameter
  • 1.5mm wall thickness
  • 2 Strips of 8mm PCB 5050 APA 105 RGB LED (144 pixels per metre)
  • Combat duel grade: Light to moderate duelling ONLY
Material and Finish
  • Precision machined from UNS A96061 Aluminium Alloy
  • Saber Surface Protection (S.S.P)
  • - Prevents oxidation and tarnishing
  • - Prevents surface scratches
  • - No Machine Marks
Audio and Electronics
  • Plecter Labs’ Crystal Focus X
  • BT909 Bluetooth module
  • - Mute function
  • - 12 selectable sets of sound bank
  • - Power On and Off sound
  • - Blade flickering FX
  • - Humming sound
  • - 16 clash sounds in each bank
  • - 16 swing sounds in each bank
  • - 4 blaster blocking sound in each bank
  • - blade locking sound
  • - forward pushing sound
  • - 4GB Sandisk SD Card
  • - Neodymium 25mm loud speaker
  • - Machined Rail System Delrin Chassis
  • - Smart Saber via Forcesync App
What's included...

What's included...

All SaberMach Master Series (PlecterPixel™) saber comes complete with 2 types of charging system. An in-hilt recharge port (cleverly installed inside the chassis) can be used for charging. The chassis also houses the battery which can be removed from the battery case for external charging.  The custom designed one-of- a-kind machined delrin rail system chassis encasing the soundcard, battery and 25mm diameter loud speaker gives convenience and total security confidence.

Additionally, a 3.7V USB charging cable, a 18650 external charging station, a single li-ion battery and blade comes standard with every saber package.

  • Saber Hilt
  • USB Charging cable with 2.1mm jack (1m)
  • 18650 external charging station
  • Single Cell 18650 3120mAh 15A li-ion Battery
  • Standard 32” NeoPixel chroma blade
  • Allen Key


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